Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Vanishing of Pato (La Scomparsa di Pato) - An Italian Period Film Mystery

 On Friday April 6 MHz Networks will premiere the Italian film The Vanishing of Pato.  The film takes place in the Sicilian town of Vigata in 1890 and is based on a book by Andrea Camilleri. Fans of Camilleri's popular fictional detective Montalbano are certainly familiar with the fictional town of Vigata in more modern times. 

The story deals with the disappearance of bank-teller Pato after his mock hanging in the town's Good Friday production of the Passion Play. Pato seemed to be a man above reproach, but as we all know appearances can be deceiving.

Maurizio Casagrande and Nino Frassica

The investigation is headed by Neapolitan out-of-towner Inspector Bellavia, played by Maurizio Casagrande. He is assisted by local Sicilian Carabineer Giummaro  played by Nino Frassica. According to reviews of the film and the novel, the detective story serves as a frame for social commentary on Italy's class system and politics. The fun is in the relationship between the Neapolitan Bellavia and the Sicilian Giummaro as a simple case of a missing person turns into a complex web of intrigue. 

Below see the official trailer for the film (in Italian):

Nino Frassica was born in the Sicilian city of  Messina and is known as a comedic actor. He's also a regular in the mystery series Don Matteo that can also be seen on MHz Networks. 

Maurizio Casagrande was born in Naples and is part of an illustrious acting family. He has starred in many films and won several acting awards during his career. 

Below we have the English language (narration and subtitles) preview video from MHz Networks:

Check the MHz Worldwide website HERE to see if it's playing in your area.  


  1. Hope you have a lovely Easter wkend, Fabo. Looking forward to next ep of GoT on Sun.

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    1. Thank you Ann! Hope you're having a wonderful Easter weekend too.

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