Saturday, April 14, 2012

Would You Have Richard Armitage's Signature Tattooed On Your Arm?

Since I haven't been out and about this weekend my mind has had time to wander and ponder. I saw an article recently about a Billy Connolly fan who encountered the man himself in New Zealand (together with Peter Jackson and Stephen Fry) :

"After attracting Mr Connolly's attention, the star stopped and posed for photos and signed autographs.

Mr Harley said he'd been a fan of Mr Connolly "for centuries" and after getting his autograph on his arm made it permanent by having it tattooed."

(To read the entire article click HERE)

Made me wonder if I were to accidentally run into Richard Armitage in NZ or elsewhere, and he autographed my arm, whether I would have his signature permanently tattooed so I could have it forever.

Now, I don't have any tattoos right now, and have never really had a hankering for one. I will admit that I've admired tattoos in others:

Richard Armitage

Sean Bean

But I don't know if I really want one on me, even if it's the Armitage signature. 

If he autographed my arm and I didn't get it tattooed it would eventually wash off. I think I would try to get RA to autograph something I could frame on the wall, even if only a napkin! 

But what if nothing else was available but my person, would I let this moment pass to get his autograph and immortalize the moment.

Maybe if I could get him to autograph a more hidden part of my anatomy. A place only I, or someone who would know me very, very, very, well could see. Oh many choices. Now a tattoo of the Armitage signature there may be OK in that case come to think of it.  

So what would you do? Would you have the Armitage signature tattooed on your arm? Or elsewhere?

 (pics thanks to Richard Armitage Online and Japanese Tatoo blog)


  1. Fabo, I can't stand tattoos at all, but I would accept the experience of a nonpermanent water-tattoo (I usually buy them for my kids at summer) delivering some mysterious message, like: "RAddicted" or "LoveGlove" or "Waiting for Thorin" or the simple black/yellow Gisborne's ensign on my arm or shoulder.

    What do you think? Is it something like that stylish enough for a lady at my age? ;-)

    1. Since I am way past my first blush of youth I approve of the non-permanent water-tattoo for all of us! "LoveGlove" is great!

      As a matter of fact, you have given me a great idea. I think we should all get a water-tattoo in December so we can recognize each other when in line to see The Hobbit. Maybe a tattoo of Orcrist that says "Go Thorin" or "I love Thorin" ;)

      Thank you for your great comment.

  2. I couldn't possibly get an RA tattoo anywhere on my person as I am sure it wouldn't go down too well with my hubby. (I wouldn't blame him.) I don't like tattoos at all, except for Lucas North's!
    I'd rather have him write on my clothing and then I could save it into a pillow or something like that! :)

    1. Hi! Love the pillow idea! I know what you mean about Lucas, i think those tattoos wouldn't have looked as good on anyone else.

  3. Haha, I love the idea of the temporary tattoos in December. Count me in if anyone initiates this! :D

    1. LOL! I say let's do it Bccmee-temporary Thorin tattoos in December.

  4. I'm horrified by the thought of having my body tattooed, so no. I would possibly have a wonderful henna design, though, if one were on offer :) I've actually always wanted to try that.

  5. LOL! Henna-tatoo! I will do it!.."I LOVE THORIN" December!:D

  6. I'd only want one tatoo and I think it would be symbolic and very simple and only for myself, so no, no Armitage tatoo but a pillow, anytime :D. Henna might be fun too.

  7. Hello Henna Team! Servetus, Joanna, raddicted:

    I think the Henna idea is a lovely one. I've only seen the henna designs in photos or films, but maybe there's a henna artist among RA fans that will create a design based on RA's signature. How about that?

    Or, as Joanna Suggested, "I Love Thorin" for December.


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