Saturday, September 21, 2013

LOTR 30 Day Challenge - Day 6: Ugliest Orc

Welcome back citizens of Middle-earth to the LOTR
Ugliest Orc Pageant

Once again, here is our host, Gandalf the White


Dear viewers, we've enjoyed the Orc evening gown competition, and all our finalists have answered the special question "Why I'm interested in Middle-earth domination?" 
and now the judges have turned in their final votes 

But, before we announce our lucky winner, lets introduce once more our illustrious panel of judges:

Elven King of the Woodland Realm
and Tiara Connoisseur

Fashion Icon and Royal Personage

Tim Gunn
Fashion Guru 

Riddle Master and Jewelry Collector

Thank you Judges!

I've been handed the judges final decision

The Ugliest Orc is


thanks to


  1. LOL with Tim Gunn as one of the judges I'm confident that after much caucusing the right decision was reached! The man has impeccable taste and I can just imagine him looking at an ugly orc disapprovingly and saying: Make It Work!

    1. I adore Tim Gunn, he's my favorite part of Project Runway. He would know the finer points of what makes the best orc. Gollum, I'm not so sure :) :)


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