Monday, March 21, 2011

"The Armitage" Revisited and Last Day of FanstRAvaganza

As my last post for FanstRAvaganza2 I wanted to revisit my earlier post on Richard Armitage's profile, and more specifically his marvelous nose. 

(As one of the comments mentioned, maybe RA would not be happy with us talking about his nose, but I hope if by some miracle he does visit my blog, that he knows it's because he has a beautiful nose.)

I asked for comments on a new definition for his nose since none of the definitions of nose types (Aquiline, Greek, Straight) seemed to fit his unique profile. I'll summarize below the very helpful and interesting comments from that blog post, as well as comments received privately. At the end I'll attempt to put all ideas together and come up with a definition of " The Armitage Nose".

To read the previous post and all the comments click on the link:

1.  The nose is more Greek thank Aquiline, though Aquiline is more literary (Mesmered), and maybe a particular type of Greek nose (Grecian, Doric, or Hellenic? ) (Mulubinba).  

Greek Nose 

Greek Male Sculpture

 Aquiline Nose

2.   Maybe more Roman than Greek (CDoart) making him look more interesting and appealing.  Sort of an Aquiline/Lite (Judiang).

Roman Nose - Emperor Trajan

Roman Coin - Caesar

3.  Or maybe the nose is more Aristo/Plantagenet (Fitzg), and since Richard III was the last of the Plantagenet kings and Richard Armitage was named after him, and has an interest in producing a film or TV series based on the real story, this is a good match.

Henry V

Richard III

Richard the 1st in our Hearts

4.  I did get an additional suggestion that maybe it was more of a French nose. A Gallic nose perhaps? Along with a photo of Napoleon Bonaparte's death mask.  (Napoleon was born in Corsica of Italian ancestry, but also had a prominent nose).  I found an illustration of Henry I of England, born in France, also as an example of the French nose.

Napoleon's Death Mask

Napoleon Bonaparte

Charles I of England

Charles V of France

5.  His nose may also be described as Native American (Avalon). 

 Henry Roman Nose

6.   I think we can all agree that he has a wonderful profile, beautiful nose included (Jonia, Joanna)! That his chin harmonizes with his nose (OneMoreLurker). It is the epitome of masculinity (Summer) , and breathtakingly unique (Bccmee).  His 3/4 profile is perfect (Ricrar).

So in conclusion, the new definition of -

 "The Armitage Nose":

A long aristocratic nose with elements of Aquiline, Gallic, Greek, and Roman, and notes of Plantagenet Kings and Native American tones.  Often described as breathtakingly unique and beautiful and the epitome of masculinity. A harmony of chin and nose, the result is a perfect profile.


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I'll post the results of the two polls on Wednesday.  I don't always post about Richard Armitage, but I hope you will come back and visit my blog in the future. 

Thank you to those who contributed to the first post, I greatly appreciate your help and contributions:

Thank you everyone who visited! I appreciate and love your comments and participation. 

Muchas Gracias, Much Thanks to the organizers of FanstRAvaganza 2  for all their efforts and for asking me to participate this year.  Thank you to my fellow bloggers for a fabulous week!


  1. Sadly,I can't be eloqent in english.Your blog is interesting,fanny and divane just like Our Dear Richard.I never suspect that learning english will bring me such joy. I LOVE THORIN.

  2. Great post and a really lovely way to finish the FanstRAvaganza. Thanks:) .... and I love Thorin too :)

  3. Very interesting post Musa. Hopefully someone was able to take a clip of the lucky Maori who had RA as their partner today for their traditional nose-pressing ceremony.

    My suggestion that his nose might be a French inheritance has to do with his middle name Crispin. Upon searching it some time ago, I'd discovered that Saint Crispin was French. Richard's middle name could easily represent the surname of an ancestor.

    BTW, here's the explanation for my blogger user name. It was a spur of the moment play on his full name while registering at that website--RI(chard)
    CR(ispin) AR(mitage) = Ricrar. It's sometimes displayed as RiCrAr, but I prefer simply Ricrar:)

    p.s. I lOVE Thorin as well - his and our great adventure has just begun.

  4. Thanks for the info on Saint Crispin! Would be interesting to know the family history.
    (I hope I corrected your name on the post - let me know.)

    I want a photo of RA and the Maori at the ceremony-LOL

    Thank you joanna and mulubinba for your lovely comments.

    Thorin love all around :)


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