Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello Richard, Can you Hear Me Now?

I always wonder how actors manage to make those phone scenes believable. I mean in reality there is really no one on the other end of the conversation, but they have to make us believe that they're really having a conversation or a conflict.  We as the audience of course can often see the two sides of the conversation, but the actor is either alone with the phone prop, or having someone off camera reading the other person's lines, or if they're very lucky the actor on the other side of the call is standing behind the camera doing their part of the conversation. But still, has to be difficult to make it believable.

I think Richard Armitage has had more than his share of scenes when he's talking on the phone and having to do some quite emotional scenes.  I think he's amazingly good at making us believe this conversation or confrontation is truly happening. You can see how his eyes especially change depending on how the conversation unfolds, and make us believe he's listening to what the characters on the other end have to say for the very first time.  He also manages to do it in character and to look quite good when he does.

While looking through photos and caps of RA on the phone I was happy to find several  of him talking on  land lines. There's a lack of mobility for the actor when tied to a phone on a desk or a table. But again he manages not only to make the conversation believable, but also to give the sense of the character and the emotion of the moment. 

*screencaps thanks to and RichardArmitageOnline


  1. Great screencaps! I agree he does a fabulous job with phone scenes. But then, he's fabulous at everything else too!

  2. Interesting post and yes, I've admired actors who can talk into phonesand make it totally believable. I like the way RA holds the phone - little finger never touches it; fourth finger hardly touches :)

  3. Richard Armitage's characters certainly spend a lot of time on the phone! He does look lovely in the process, I have to admit. Your blog title is hilarious: "Richard, can you hear me now?" In Spooks 7 & 8, it seemed Lucas was saving the world one phone call at a time.

  4. Oooh, very pretty. Yes, he gives good phone. Never realized how he held them until you pointed it out @Mulubinba.

  5. Great post! Only an outstanding actor like Richard can convey such a wide range of emotions while performing a telephone conversation scene. :)


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