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Richard Armitage: That Profile! Part 2

Richard Armitage: That Profile!  Part 2

“It’s quite funny – no, it’s hilarious to be considered a sex symbol. In school I was a beanpole with a nose I hadn’t grown into.”  Richard Armitage,, May 30, 2010

Can we describe his lovely long nose as Aquiline or Roman?

Below are descriptions of three types of noses:

The Roman or Aquiline Nose: This type of nose is convex in shape, like a hook. It is also known as 'hooknose' because of its shape. The word aquiline is derived from the Latin word 'aquilinus' which means 'eagle like'.

 The Greek or Straight Nose. This type of nose is perfectly straight with no curves or hooked like shape. It is known as Greek nose because it is generally noticed that the Greek people have this kind of nose.

The Hawk Nose: The hawk nose is so called because it is very convex, to the extent that it almost looks like a bow. It is very thin and sharp as well. Since it resembles the beak of a Hawk, it is known as the hawk nose.

(after Albrecht Durer’s Four Books on Human Proportion, 1528)

Is it a classically proportioned nose like Michelangelo’s David? 

Richard’s nose doesn’t look like a hook, or the beak of a hawk, nor is it perfectly straight like the straight nose.   I think we need a separate classification for his nose: “The Armitage”

How would you describe "The Armitage" Nose? 
 (Would love your suggestions in the comments below)

The nose is as unique as the man himself. It is a powerful nose that can be aggressive, but also elegant and aristocratic.

In profile we can truly observe his angular features , including his strong chin, and those surprising long and flirtatious lashes.

It is always surprising to me when he’s in character how different all the elements of his profile can look.  Even knowing his profile well, we can still see the different men he’s created.

Does he consciously  turn and angle his head to offer a wealth of information about what the character is thinking and feeling…or is it instinct from building his characters layer by layer?


  1. I'd always considered it an aquiline nose, and perfect for the hero of so much fiction. But I've changed my mind and think its Greek now. The trouble is, as a fcition writer, it doesn't sound right when you describe your male protagonist with a greek nose. Aquiline sounds so much more literary!

  2. @mesmered, yes, you're right, aquiline sounds very exotic and romantic, even if his nose doesn't really have that hook at the end.

    Thank you so much for your great comments :)

  3. Is it a Grecian, Doric or hellenic nose I wonder? I think it is a very aristocratic nose :)

  4. This is the most beautiful nose in all world. Well if ye asked me three years ago.....

  5. @mulubinba Ah, that's an interesting question :) Grecian, Doric or Hellenic? I would say more Doric!?

    @joanna Three years ago and...? Intrigued.

    I love all your comments, thank you!

  6. Native American. We have the same nose:)

  7. I would describe it as a characteristic nose, though aquilinean describes it very well in my opinion.
    The hellenistic Greek nose does not really fit, as I see it, as this would mean, the nose and the forehead are in one continuous line. The Hellenistic signature died out long ago. Some Greek statues have these characteristics, but otherwise it is gone (and in my opinion it makes the wearer of such characteristics look a little stupid, so I cannot really appreciate those statues).
    In my opinion RA resembles more a Roman than a Greek god ;o)
    RA looks interesting and very appealing with his nose.

  8. Thank you for profiling The Nose! (Even if Mr. A wouldn't thank you). It's what first drew me in (well, the voice, too). Etc.

    Could I add to "Aristocratic" Aristo/Plantagenet?


  9. By the description of the 3 types, I would say is a greek nose.

    I think his features have grown to be proportional, his chin armonizes with his nose and make his profile beautiful.

    OML :)

  10. This is official. I love his nose very much.
    Love these Durer’s proportions ;D

  11. Am I the only fan who doesn't share enthusiasm over RA's nose? Aware that I've needed to duck more than once in the past, when expressing that truthful opinion;) Hey, no one is perfect and as I've reiterated over the years--RA's attributes far outweigh the fact his nose is unusually long. His 3/4 profile is perfection however. The only other complaint I've ever uttered is the fact there's only one of him. Where's a competent cloning company when we really need one;)

    IMO, Richard is exceptionally bautiful - not only physically, but best of all in his sweet, warm down-to-earth personality. Middle Earth is lucky to currently have him.

  12. I would describe it as beautiful. I love the way his nose suits his face. Your idea of naming it "The Armitage" is ideal! It does look so unique. His profile is breathtaking.

  13. @Fabolaktuko
    let's just say that my taste in men is greatly improved

  14. I agree aquilline sounds more literary but RA's nose doesn't really fit that description. It sounds greek by definition but that's not it either. Hmm, what aquilline lite? ;)

  15. Thank you all for your comments - much appreciated.

    @Avalon - maybe a connection?

    @CDoart -Good point about Roman nose

    @Fitzg - must look for a Plantagenet nose pic to compare

    @OML - Agree, nose & chin harmony

    @Jonia - found Durer drawing/pic by accident -it's great!

    @bccmee - Thanks - "The Armitage" it is.

    @RicRAr - Hello! all opinions welcomed, makes discussions more interesting.

    @Judiang - Aquiline Lite! Love it.

    @Joanna - Thanks :)

  16. Would describe his nose as definitely the one and only.."Armitage" nose, by your descriptions , it could be consider just "closer" to an aquiline.
    I love his nose, mind you I love each and everyone of his features LOL
    He is the epitome of masculinity!


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