Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Blossoms

In my end of the world spring comes when the cherry blossoms and magnolia trees are in bloom. This week I drove home one evening with the world still wearing it's winter robe, and drove to work the next morning with an explosion of flowering trees around me. Chinese cherry blossom, Japanese cherry blossoms,  and magnolia trees all around me, a symphony of pink now surrounds me everywhere I go.

Spring is bittersweet for me these days. Our springs are very short and soon in mid May will come the hot, humid, hell of our summers. The world will turn various shades of green soon enough. 

Our blossoms of spring remind us how fragile life is. They bloom, they peak, and very soon will fall and carpet the ground around us with their pink flowers. 

This year our Japanese Cherry Blossoms remind us of the suffering of our fellow human beings.  To donate to Japan earthquake and tsunami relief click HERE.

*photos from Smithsonian website.


  1. I love Cherry blossoms! They're so beautiful!

  2. Dear Musa,
    Pink can be trashed out these days, but for me it has always been the colour of tenderness.
    Cherry blossom are so delicate and vanish so quickly.
    Your neck of the wood seems really nice in spring.


  3. Hi Zibeline,

    Thank you for visiting my blog! We have a lovely spring, but sadly very, very, short :) Hope you're enjoying your spring. By the way, if you want to contact me my email is fabo.lass at yahoo dot com.

  4. beautiful! My sour cherry tree is also in blossom along with daffodils, violets and tulips


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